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Floralscapes 2016

We very much enjoyed designing table arrangements for Caspari‘s Floralscapes event this year, celebrating Historic Garden Week. Our arrangements were made to complement the ‘Culiko’ design, which features succulents and cacti. Bright and exotic florals were arranged in teal oxidized metal containers. ‘Free Spirit’ and ‘Wimbledon’ roses were mixed with poppy pods, protea, and staghorn fern. Equisetum added height and a unique detail to the grouping. View the beautiful tablescape below!

IMG_1302 IMG_1303 IMG_1305 IMG_1312


To celebrate Historic Garden Week, Caspari invited local floral designers to create arrangements inspired by their chic paper products. The “Floralscapes” event was a great success, and we enjoyed showing our work to the community.

We created our centerpiece to complement the Caspari Garden Images pattern of gold, green, white, and deep purple. Magnolia leaf, bamboo stalks, orchid sprays, and cherry blossom branches were used to compose the dramatic designs.